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Northern VA Exterior Remodeling…
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How A Former Remodeling Salesman Created
A 100% Stress-Free, Pressure-Free Experience
For DMV Homeowners.

A Message From Matt Kavanah, Owner:

If you made me choose between getting a quote from a remodeling company or getting a root canal?

I’d call my dentist and have him fire up his drill.

Few things are as painful as dealing with high-pressure remodeling companies. Sadly, these kinds of companies are the norm in Northern VA and DMV. They train their salespeople to deploy all kinds of arm-twisting techniques and cunning compliance tricks during your appointment.

I’d know.

I used to work for these companies.

Birth Of A Salesman

I worked at big remodeling companies for 15+ years. And I was a sales rep for eight of those years.

The companies I worked for were all about the classic sales techniques. The “Inflated Price” ploy. The “Now Or Never” strategy. The “Doorknob” close (look it up). You name it, I utilized it.

Don’t get me wrong. I disliked using these sales tactics. But what can I say? I was young and naïve. I just thought that’s how selling in the remodeling industry was supposed to be.

Kavanah Family

Morals Override Money

Where my conscience REALLY started prickling? When I had to teach these sales techniques to others.

Once I was promoted into management, I progressed rapidly. I ultimately advanced to a position as the Senior VP of Operations for a company doing north of 75 million per year. I had found a home in operations where I thrived—even winning employee of the year.

One of my many jobs was to train new salespeople. I had no problem with some aspects of this. I taught them how to educate homeowners on our products… how to measure a roof… and how to determine the right solution for each customer. You know, the kinds of things a sales rep should do.

It was teaching that OTHER stuff that bothered me. High pressure. Pricing games. Compliance tactics. They were all part of my company-mandated sales-training curriculum.

Training others to use the same techniques I’d been using for years was a wake-up call. It gave me an outside perspective of what I’d actually been doing. It was what fully “flipped the ethics switch” in my brain.

So I quit.

My job.

And the sales-pressure lifestyle.

Re-envisioning The Homeowner Experience

But I didn’t just want to change jobs. I wanted to change the homeowner experience.

I started Milcon Design & Build with one goal: To give you a refreshingly straightforward, no-nonsense way to get a quote on top-notch roofing, windows, and siding.

So the first thing I did? Create a “Zero Salespeople” policy. When you get a quote from Milcon, you get a quote from ME. And I don’t mess around or waste your time.

I Can Be In And Out Of Your Home In 30 Minutes

I don’t have a rehearsed sales pitch. I don’t bring any dog-and-pony-show product demonstrations to your meeting. I don’t plant myself on your couch for three hours until you cave and say “yes.”

Before our appointment, I use a special aerial-imaging program to measure your home from my office computer. This gives me 90% of the info I need about your project—before I pull in your driveway.

When I arrive, I go over the options that would work best for YOUR situation, YOUR tastes, and YOUR budget. In as little as 30 minutes, I can give you everything you require to make an informed decision.

If you want your meeting to take longer? No problem! Ask me as many questions as you want. I’ll take as long as YOU need.

I Probably Won’t Give You A Price During Our Meeting

I can give you a price during our appointment, if that’s what you want. But I typically determine your needs… then go back to my office and email your quote to you shortly after.

This takes tremendous pressure off you to make a decision during face-to-face meetings. You don’t have some guy you just met breathing down your neck. You can take as much time as you need to think things over. I’ll be here if and when you choose to move forward. I’m on YOUR time.

I Don’t Require Your Significant Other To Be Present

If you live with your significant other, practically every contractor requires you BOTH be present for a quote. Otherwise, they’ll refuse to set a meeting with you.

Me? I have ZERO problems speaking to just one “head of household.” I’m happy to deal with one or both of you.

I’m a business owner with a wife and two young kids. Believe me—I get that you and your partner are BUSY. It’s hard enough to make time for yourselves. So I don’t expect you to align the stars and converge your schedules just to talk to me.

You’re adults. You can talk and make decisions privately, on your own terms… without some contractor eavesdropping on your discussion.

A Better Experience Across The Board

But it’s not just the Milcon quote process you’ll appreciate. Top to bottom, we treat your entire project with the same it’s-all-about-YOU mentality. From industry-best products to meticulous installation, we bring our “A” game to every phase of your exterior remodel.

For more details on that, visit our Why Us page. And if you’re interested in a quote, get in touch. I would be absolutely honored to speak to you.

It’ll be the easiest exterior remodeling quote you’ll ever experience. I promise.

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