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Are you a business in Northern VA who works tirelessly for the unwavering TRUST and CONFIDENCE of all your customers?

We totally get it.

As a local Maryland area business ourselves, we know that every aspect of your operation matters. Including the building where your business is housed – because, for some customers, its integrity can speak volumes about your credibility and reliability.

When we tackle any commercial roofing project, we do it from a place of true knowing and understanding. We GET what it’s like to build a reliable, fully-licensed, and by-the-book local business that ALL customers can trust.

Our Commercial Roofing Solutions
– A Closer Look

TOP Materials And TOP Installers
With Specialized Training

We’re not just DMV commercial roofing providers – we’re game-changers – setting the bar sky high with both materials AND installation. Our team is more than skilled – they’re certified experts meticulously trained to deliver exceptional service.

Our roofing solutions are a cut above the rest, utilizing only premier materials and systems from trailblazers like GAF and GACO.

What does this mean for your business?

It means one less thing to worry about. One MAJOR thing, in fact – the roof over your and your clients’ heads – for years to come.

GAF Commercial Roofing Systems

With a legacy that spans over 130 years, GAF isn’t just a name in the commercial roofing industry – it’s a titan. GAF’s wide range of robust and enduring roofing solutions are engineered to stand against the harshest weather conditions, delivering unparalleled protection for your commercial property.

This industry stalwart equips businesses with roofing system arsenals built to last, proving that GAF is more than just a leader – it’s a benchmark.

Commercial Roofing Gaf Top Dmv Milcon Design Build

GAF TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin) Roofing

When you need a roofing solution that brings superior durability and performance to the table, GAF’s TPO roofing is your answer. This system shines in its resistance to ultraviolet light and chemical exposure. It resolutely stands against wear and tear, offering a sturdy defense against harsh Northern VA elements. But TPO isn’t just about robustness; it’s a sustainable and cost-effective choice.

Ideal for a variety of commercial roofing applications, TPO is your pledge to environmentally responsible business practices without compromising on quality.

GAF TPO roofing systems have consistently demonstrated a higher return on investment through energy efficiency. These roofs are inherently reflective, helping to keep your building cooler during hot summer months. This characteristic minimizes your reliance on energy-intensive air conditioning, which can significantly reduce your business’s energy costs.

Commercial Roofing Gaco Silicon Coating Dmv Northern Va Milcon

GACO Roofing Solutions

GACO provides innovative roof coating solutions that add an extra layer of protection to your commercial roofing system. These coatings are resilient, flexible, and designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, reducing the risk of leaks and water damage.

GACO Silicone Roof Coating

GACO’s Silicone Roof Coating System provides a seamless, waterproof membrane over your existing roof. It’s resistant to weathering, oxidation, and harmful UV rays, enhancing the lifespan and performance of your roof.

GACO Polyurethane Roof Coating Systems

GACO’s Polyurethane Roof Coating System offers superior adhesion and reflectivity. This system provides robust protection against leaks and enhances your building’s energy efficiency by reflecting sunlight and reducing heat absorption.

Our installers undergo specialized training to expertly apply GAF and GACO products, ensuring your roof gets the ultimate protection it deserves.

Commercial Roofing Dmvcommercial Roofing Why Us Dmv Milcon Design Build

Congratulations – Your Search For The Perfect Commercial Roofer Is Now Over

We Get It… It’s An Overused And Stereotypical Thing To Say. But Here’s Why It’s True.

Rooted in the heart of Northern VA, we at Milcon Design & Build operate with a community-centric ethos. An ethos that not only extends to Northern VA homeowners but to Northern VA businesses.

We know – skepticism is understandable in an industry riddled with less-than-stellar reputations, but we stand out from the crowd. And here’s how we, in true Milcon Design & Build style, prove it.

We put the focus on YOUR business and the community we serve, ensuring our commercial roof replacement solutions exceed your expectations.

No Nonsense. No Gimmicks.

We’ve thrown out the rulebook on manipulative sales strategies. No bloated prices, high-pressure tactics, or scaremongering about your roof’s condition.

We’re about transparency, offering a refreshing change of pace from the heavy-handed approach of large national, and even some local roofers. You can trust us for fair, honest pricing with no hidden catches.

Unyielding Commitment To Quality

Even if your business needs a roof only, it’s always good knowing we don’t compromise on ANY of our services. This shows that we take NO shortcuts whatsoever.

You see, we’re about 100% uncompromising quality. We breathe it, we live it, we install it. No compromises. That’s why when it comes to roofing, we’re ALL IN on GAF and GACO.

True Pros At The Helm

Our team drives our success. They’re experts – each honed in their field – with a sharp eye for detail and a steadfast commitment to excellence.

Their superior service and deep-seated expertise ensure your remodeling project is flawlessly executed, surpassing your expectations at every level.

Know that each of our installers has exclusive Gaco™ Silicone Roofing training and certification. Meaning your commercial property will be in the best handsliterally.

Core Values: Our Compass

Our core values are more than words – they guide our daily operations. They’re what separate us from many Northern VA contractors, who might not even have a defined set of values, let alone follow them. You can trust our dedication to superior service, top-quality products, and honest pricing.

Proudly Local

As a locally-owned entity, our roots run deep in the Northern Virginia area. We operate with a ‘good neighbor’ mentality, aiming to positively impact our community. Our local orientation ensures you get personalized service and attention that the large national brands just can’t replicate.

4 Telltale Signs Your Roof Needs, A Replacement

And That You Should NEVER Ignore

Curled Shingles Signs Roof Replacement Northern Va Dmv

#1: Missing, Curled, Or Buckled Shingles

Damaged or missing shingles can – and eventually WILL – lead to water penetration on your roof. The water then seeps into your attic, causing moisture damage, water stains, and ceiling leaks. The extent of the damage can determine whether a simple repair will suffice or not.

Algae And Mold Growth Buildup Dmv Suburban Home

#2: Shingles With Moss, Algae, Or Tar Streaks

Moss, mold, and algae love snacking on shingles. This can drastically decrease the life of the shingles. It eats away at the protective granules and could cause shingle failure. Often, something as simple as a professional cleaning can add years to the life of your roof.

Roof Shingle Grit New Roof Signs Northern Va Dmv

#3: Shingle Granule Buildup In Your Gutters

Are you noticing a build-up of shingle granules in your gutters or downspout splash pans? This could be a sign of wear, but it doesn’t necessarily mean your entire roof is past its prime. A targeted repair might just be the ticket to restore your roof to its former glory without the need for a full replacement.

Attic Rot Mold Poor Ventilation Roof Replacement Signs Northern Va Dmv

#4: Water Stains, Mold, Or Rot In Your Attic

Spotted water stains, mold, or rot in your attic? This is certainly a cause for concern as it usually does indicate the need for a roof replacement. But don’t jump to that costly conclusion just yet. We’ll do a detailed assessment of the situation and propose a solution that could just save your roof AND your wallet.

Want A Commercial Roof Like One Of These? Well… It’s Easy With Milcon

Homeowners And Businesses
Alike Trust Us

Check Out Our Stellar Reviews For Yourself

Kerri R.

I highly recommend Milcon Design & Build

Matt with Milcon Design & build was extremely impressive with his low pressure professional approach during our estimate visit. He worked with us to change the design a few times to make it perfect. He kept in touch with us during the production of the door, and scheduled a convenient time for installation. The installation crew was on time, courteous, and very professional. I highly recommend Milcon Design & Build.

Mark J.

Communicative and fantastic to work with

Matt and team were great to work with. I am an engineer by trade so, naturally I had a ton of questions. Matt did a great job of answering them all and putting me at ease knowing I was getting a great product at a great value. We had a new architectural roof and 37 windows installed on our home. Both crews were communicative and fantastic to work with. Highly recommend!

Aja W.

I will definitely use Milcon Design & Build again!

My journey with Milcon Design & Build began in March 2023, when I was looking for estimates to replace my patio door. I selected Milcon Design & Build after receiving two other estimates, because I was impressed with Matt's professionalism, his ability to answer my (many 🙂 ) questions in detail, and his prompt response. In our initial meeting, he was able to provide suggestions based on my requirements and his previous installation experiences. He then promptly followed up with the promised estimate.

The next meeting was with his technician to verify that they were going to be able to provide the larger size door I requested without causing any structural damage.

Once the door arrived, we scheduled an installation date and time (June 2023). The crew arrived on time, was very professional, and did an excellent job! Once they were done, the technician walked me through the features of the door: the active vs passive side, how to verify that it was closed and looked, etc.

Needless to say, I am more than pleased, the door looks great! I will definitely use Milcon Design & Build again!

Alex L.

We would recommend Matt and his team to anyone

Matt’s team recently installed new windows through our entire home. Matt took the time to understand our needs and recommend the best window for us at a great price. Took less than a month from when they ordered the windows to install date. He had a whole team arrive for installation and was able to install everything in one day. Any concerns were quickly addressed by Matt. We would recommend Matt and his team to anyone looking for good quality work at a fair price.

Steven H.

I would highly recommend working with Milcon

Matt replaced the roof of my townhouse. He was a pleasure to work with - he is very knowledgable, and gives good explanations about the different options and alternatives. Matt's pricing seemed very competitive and more importantly, I believe that his team has done a really quality job. I would highly recommend working with Milcon.

Beverley H.

Excellent quality of work and value

Excellent quality of work and value. I had a Gazebo roof replaced. Matt was very knowledgeable and thoroughly explained the work to be done. The crew was punctual and the job expertly done. Excellent marks for this company's quality of work, professionalism, responsiveness and competitive prices.

Commercial Roofing Frequently
Asked Questions

Get The Transparent Answer You
Deserve For Your Business

As a dedicated local business or property owner in Northern VA, you deserve HONEST answers. Not the runaround. So start here with some of our commercial roofing FAQs.

Do you offer custom roofing solutions for unique commercial building designs?

Indeed! We understand that every building comes with its unique design requirements, and we're more than prepared to accommodate your needs. Our team of experts has the skills and experience to create a tapered roofing system tailored specifically to your property's structure and aesthetics.

How much time does a commercial roof replacement require?

The timeline for a commercial roof replacement can vary based on the project's scale and complexity. However, our seasoned professionals are committed to executing the job proficiently to industry standard timelines and even better – minimizing disruption to your business operations.

Generally, we aim to complete most commercial roof replacements within a few days to a few weeks, depending on size of course while still ensuring quality isn't sacrificed for speed.

What type of roofing system is best for my commercial building?

Choosing the right roofing system for your commercial property involves considering factors such as building design, climate, and budget.

With a wide array of top-tier commercial roofing materials available, including GAF’s TPO, EverGuard® PVC membrane, and the protective GACO coatings, we can help you make the right decision.

Our expertise spans decades, and we'll guide you to a selection that elevates your property's appeal while delivering enduring protection.

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