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Exterior Trim Repair in Ashburn, VA

When it comes to keeping your home beautiful and structurally sound one often overlooked area is the exterior trim. At Milcon Design and Build we do exterior trim repair in Ashburn. Whether your trim has seen better days or you want to update the look of your home we can help. Let’s get into the benefits of maintaining and replacing your exterior trim, the signs it’s time to replace it, the different types of exterior trim siding and why you should choose us for your exterior trim needs.

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The Benefits of Exterior Trim Repair

  • Improved Curb Appeal: First impressions matter. Your home’s exterior trim is one of the first things people notice. Well-maintained trim enhances the overall appearance of your home, making it look polished and well-cared-for.
  • Structural Integrity: The exterior trim isn’t just for looks; it also protects the edges of your home from water damage, pests, and other environmental factors. Regular maintenance and timely repairs help prevent more extensive damage to your home’s structure.
  • Increased Property Value: Homes with well-maintained exteriors tend to have higher market values. Potential buyers are often willing to pay more for a home that doesn’t need immediate repairs, and pristine trim can make a significant difference.
  • Energy Efficiency:Damaged or missing trim can lead to gaps that let in drafts. Properly installed and maintained trim helps seal these gaps, contributing to better insulation and energy efficiency in your home.

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Why Homeowners Should Replace Their Exterior Trim

Rot and Decay:

Wood trim can rot over time if it’s wet. Rotting trim is not only ugly but can also compromise your home. If left untreated it can spread to other parts of your home and cost you more in the long run. Replace it now and save yourself some money and your home’s structure.

Pest Damage:

Termites, ants and other critters love to live in damaged trim. Replacing damaged trim will prevent infestations and the damage they cause. They can move from the trim into the rest of your home and cause even more damage. By replacing compromised trim you create a barrier to keep these unwanted invaders out and protect your home from infestations.

Cracking and Warping:

Being exposed to the elements can cause trim to crack and warp. Not only does it look bad but can also cause more structural issues if not addressed. Cracked and warped trim lets water get into your home and damage the material underneath. Warped trim also affects the sealing of windows and doors and causes drafts and energy loss.

Outdated Appearance:

Sometimes you just want a fresh new look. Replacing old worn out trim with new will give your home a whole new face lift. New trim will enhance your home’s architectural style and curb appeal. Upgrading to modern materials will give you extra benefits too, like durability and low maintenance, so your home looks stylish and current and practical.

When to Replace Your Exterior Trim

Visible cracks, splits or other damage means it’s time to think about replacing your trim. Minor damage can be repaired but extensive damage requires replacement. Peeling paint means moisture or age of the trim and if repainting doesn’t fix the issue then new trim is needed. Water damage (stains or softness in the wood) means the trim has lost its protective powers and needs to be replaced. Drafts around windows and doors are caused by gaps in the trim and replacing it will seal your home tighter. Ignoring these signs will lead to more damage and higher costs down the line. Replacing on time will prevent further issues and maintain the structure of your home. New trim will also enhance the look and value of your property. Your trim needs to be in good condition for both looks and practicality.

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Authentic Words From Real Home & Business Owners

Mistie S.

Will hire them again for siding next!

Great experience. Had a roof replaced. They showed up on time. Communicated with me and did a fast and excellent job. Will hire them again for siding next!

Kerri R.

I highly recommend Milcon Design & Build

Matt with Milcon Design & build was extremely impressive with his low pressure professional approach during our estimate visit. He worked with us to change the design a few times to make it perfect. He kept in touch with us during the production of the door, and scheduled a convenient time for installation. The installation crew was on time, courteous, and very professional. I highly recommend Milcon Design & Build.

Deb S.

We recommend Milcon and would work with them again

We had a positive experience with Milcon. Matt provided our quote and info about his business. The price was very fair with quality GAF shingles. The workers were timely and polite. Our roof took a full day plus a few hours the next morning. Matt personally came when the roof was finished and inspected his team’s work. He was very responsive and answered all our questions within minutes. We recommend Milcon and would work with them again.

Peter I.

Will use again for future projects!

Contracted Milcon Design & Build for a new roof. Our roof was 20 years old and needed serious help! Matt walked us through the process and had us a new roof installed within 5 days of our initial meeting. They crew was great. Got it installed in 1 day and when the guys were done, it was as if they were never here. Cleanup was on point. Will use again for future projects!

Beverley H.

Excellent quality of work and value

Excellent quality of work and value. I had a Gazebo roof replaced. Matt was very knowledgeable and thoroughly explained the work to be done. The crew was punctual and the job expertly done. Excellent marks for this company's quality of work, professionalism, responsiveness and competitive prices.

Russel R.

I would 100% recommend Matt and his team

Matt and his team did a phenomenal job from start to finish. He provided a cost-effective, detailed estimate for my roof and even added in an active duty military discount! On the day of the job, he provided updates continuously and photo proof. Unfortunately some of the plywood underneath my roof was rotted and I had a small over-hang that needed to be completely reframed due to the rot. He was able to provide me with estimates for different avenues of approach to repair these.

We ended up doing a demo to the overhang at no additional cost. This was one of the most pleasant and professional experiences that I’ve ever experienced. I would 100% recommend Matt and his team to anybody in the area.

Aja W.

I will definitely use Milcon Design & Build again!

My journey with Milcon Design & Build began in March 2023, when I was looking for estimates to replace my patio door. I selected Milcon Design & Build after receiving two other estimates, because I was impressed with Matt's professionalism, his ability to answer my (many 🙂 ) questions in detail, and his prompt response. In our initial meeting, he was able to provide suggestions based on my requirements and his previous installation experiences. He then promptly followed up with the promised estimate.

The next meeting was with his technician to verify that they were going to be able to provide the larger size door I requested without causing any structural damage.

Once the door arrived, we scheduled an installation date and time (June 2023). The crew arrived on time, was very professional, and did an excellent job! Once they were done, the technician walked me through the features of the door: the active vs passive side, how to verify that it was closed and looked, etc.

Needless to say, I am more than pleased, the door looks great! I will definitely use Milcon Design & Build again!

Matthew L.

I was satisfied every step of the way

After searching for a business for months I connected with Mr. Kavannah about a few projects I needed done on my house. Roofing and upgraded windows throughout.

All other businesses I contacted felt like they were hustling me, short with me, and always had “extras” they would constantly shove down my throat. Mr. Kavannah listened intently, provided me options that directly benefitted me more than himself, even went out of his way to make sure I was satisfied every step of the way. Great communication, extremely professional, and superb execution of work.

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Get A FREE, 30-Minute Quote (Yep. Just 30 Minutes!)

Ready to “cut the fluff” and get a no-nonsense Northern Virginia exterior remodel starting with a stress-free, 30-minute, no-obligation quote from the owner himself?
Then call us at 703-581-2761 or fill out our hassle-free form to schedule your free quote today!


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