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Astounding Roofing Services For Clifton, VA
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How would you rate your Clifton, VA roofing system? Does it do your home justice? Is it not only protecting your home but boosting the curb appeal?

If not, then it may be time to consider asphalt roof replacement! For those in the Fairfax County area, the key is to act now rather than wait until roofs start to hit their life limit.

Remember, if your roof is already showing signs of wear and tear, waiting can be a considerable risk, resulting in leaks throughout your home. Plus, once the roof starts to look bad, it will not magically shed new skin overnight and look good as new.

Milcon Design & Build offers astounding roofing services that will ensure your home’s roof is strong, protects your house, and looks absolutely astounding!

Beautiful & Strong Roofing Services In Clifton, VA

White Siding Home With Gray Asphalt Shingle Roof

Roofing Services

Milcon Design & Build offers GAF Roofing systems to those in the Clifton, VA area. Why do we only work with GAF? Because we only want to install the best of the best for our customers.

We install the GAF products to Gold Standards, meaning you get the best shingles and our workmanship warranty. When you work with us for your roof, you get more than just a few shingles slapped onto it.

The system includes a waterproof barrier, vents, asphalt shingles, starter shingles, and much more. It is a complete system that will protect your home and look fantastic.

Tan-Sided House With Light Brown Asphalt Roof

Why Choose Milcon For Your Roofing Needs

A Hassle-Free Experience You Will Love

#1: No Sales Pitch Or Strong Arm Tactics

How many people dread calling a roofer or other professional for services they need because they fear being strong-armed into paying for more than they want?

If you do, you are not alone. However, at Milcon Design & Build, we don’t believe in hardcore sales pitches or strong-arm tactics. Instead, we believe in being upfront, telling you what you need, emailing your quote, and letting you decide.

It is a refreshing approach that our customers absolutely love!

#2: Best Prices Because We Cut Out The Middleman

When we say that we offer better prices than the competition, we mean it. We cut out the middleman to provide a lower price but still the same great product! And who doesn’t love getting a great deal?

#3: We Listen To You

How often have you felt like no one listens to your wants and needs when you talk? Those who work with us are often impressed with how we listen to their wants and needs, make our suggestions, and answer any questions they may have.

Milcon Design & Build Roofing Reviews

We Love Hearing From Our Customers

“Milcon did a phenomenal job from start to finish. They provided a cost-effective, detailed estimate for my roof and even added an active-duty military discount! On the day of the job, they provided updates continuously and photo proof. Unfortunately, some of the plywood underneath my roof was rotted, and I had a small overhang that needed to be completely reframed due to the rot. They provided me with estimates for different avenues of approach to repair these. We ended up doing a demo of the overhang at no additional cost. This was one of the most pleasant and professional experiences I’ve ever experienced. I would 100% recommend Milcon to anybody in the area.”

– Russell R.

“This past April, my roof was repaired due to hail damage. Scheduling and communicating could not have been clearer or easier. Such a simple process, and they did a fantastic job getting this done quickly for me.”

– Jessica T.

“Contracted Milcon Design & Build for a new roof. Our roof was 20 years old and needed serious help! Milcon walked us through the process and had a new roof installed within five days of our initial meeting. The crew was great. They installed it in 1 day, and when the guys were done, it was as if they were never here. The cleanup was on point. Will use them again for future projects!”

– Peter I.

FAQ About Roofing That Clifton, VA Homeowners Ask

Q: Do You Have Examples Of Past Work To View?

A: Yes, check out our online gallery for past projects. It will give you an idea of what we can do and the options you can opt for with our roofing.

Q: Does A Ton Of Shingle Grit In Gutters Signal An Issue?

A: Some shingle granules are expected to be in your gutters when cleaning them. However, if you have noticed the grit has grown in volume, it could be a huge sign that your roof is near the end of its life.

Q: Can I Be At Home During A Roof Replacement?

A: Yes, there is no danger if you stay in your house while the roof is being replaced. If you stay at home while the roof is being replaced, just remember to stay safe inside rather than walking through the work area.

Q: How Can I Maintain My Roof After Replacement?

A: There are several maintenance tips that you can use for your new roof. We suggest that you take each season to cut limbs near your roof so they don’t pose a threat. We have several other maintenance tips you can use to ensure you keep your roof in good, working shape.

Q: How Long Should A Roof Last?

A: The average asphalt roof lasts fifteen years or longer. It truly depends on the roof’s quality and what you do as the homeowner to maintain it.


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