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Trying to get all the items on your to-do list done for your Great Falls, VA home is difficult without the help of design and build services. Luckily, we are here to provide stellar service for all your design and build needs.

Milcon Design & Build has been serving the Fairfax County area for years, providing numerous design and build services to help you get your home looking spectacular. Plus, many of our services will also help improve your energy efficiency!

We are the go-to call to make when you need window, door, siding, gutter, roof replacement, and trim work. We do it all so you can rest easy knowing the professionals have your home handled and it is in good hands.

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Trusted Design & Build Services For Great Falls, VA

Roofing, Windows, Doors, Trim, Siding, & Gutters

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When it comes to roofing, we provide the best asphalt roofing in the industry. We only use GAF roofing systems which ensures your home is protected. Plus, they are gorgeous once installed, helping increase curb appeal.


We proudly deal exclusively with RJT Industries for all our window replacements. Why RJT? Because they are made right here in Virginia for the weather we experience.

They have amazing curb appeal while offering our customers superior energy efficiency.


We offer several door replacement options, including steel and fiberglass entry and patio doors. We utilize the doors from ProVia as they have been shown to hold up well over the years in the Northern Virginia weather.

Our vinyl patio doors are from RJT, the trusted manufacturer we use for window replacements.


We install CertainTeed siding on homes in the Great Falls, VA area. Why CertainTeed? It is durable, has a guaranteed lifetime of performance, is maintenance-free, and is available in over 40 color options.


We offer aluminum gutters in both five and six-inch sizes. With the proper gutter system in place, your roof will function even better, offering another layer of protection to your home.


We do all the trim work necessary when replacing siding, doors, or windows. The trim is a vital component of ensuring your new upgrades function flawlessly. You can expect the same level of perfection with our trim as you would with the siding, door, and window replacement process.

Why Our Design And Build Services Are In High Demand

We Are The Specialists To Handle Your Job

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Installation Specialists

The members of the team at Milcon Design & Build all have their specialties. This means we have crews that only work on roofs, those who install siding, and some that only work with windows. By specifying what people do, they do it at the best level!

Respect & Courtesy

We value being personable, polite, and approachable when dealing with any design and build job. This extends to the clean-up process when the work is done. When we are finished, the only sign we have been at your home is the new look of your home.

We Use The Best Materials

We stand out from the competition because we don’t believe in installing substandard materials. That is why we only work with specific manufacturers. We want our customers only to have the best installed in their homes.

Great Prices

We work directly with the manufacturer, ensuring you are not getting a huge price markup. When we say we offer the best price, we mean it.

No Elaborate Sales Pitches

No one wants to feel pressured regarding the design and build services their home may need. That is why we don’t charge for quotes, and we email you our findings, so you can decide in private how to proceed. However, we are still here to answer your questions without pushy sales tactics.

Let’s Hear From Our Wonderful Milcon
Design & Build Customers

Customer Service Is
Always A Must

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“After searching for a business for months, I connected with Milcon about a few projects I needed to be done on my house. Milcon Design & Build listened intently, provided me with options that benefitted me more than the company, and even went out of their way to ensure I was satisfied every step. Great communication, extremely professional, and superb execution of work.”

Matthew L.

“We are very pleased with Milcon’s work to install our basement sliding door. They were very professional, prompt, and responsive to our questions. I highly recommend them for all services you may need. They were also the most reasonably priced of all companies I contacted. Highly recommend!!”

Meagan F.

“First-class business with excellent ownership! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable company with fair pricing and excellent workmanship.”

Chris H.

Design And Build FAQ

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How Can I Tell If My Windows Need Replacing?

If there are any cracks in your glass, this is a huge sign you need window replacement. In addition, if water leaks around the window or you feel a draft around the windows, it could be that they have aged out and need replacing.

Do I Need To Replace My Gutters If I Replace The Roof?

Not always. Replacing your gutters should be done when there is an issue or when you want to compliment your new roof.

Will New Siding Help My Home Be More Energy-Efficient?

Yes, it can. The new siding on the market is more insulating than what was installed years ago. If your siding is old, you could be losing a lot of your heating and air, resulting in higher energy bills every month.

Can You Help Me Decide On The Best Asphalt Color For My Roof?

Yes, we can. We are here to help you make any design decisions that you may need help with. And, we can lay out samples of what would complement your home’s color.

Is Steel Or Fiberglass Better For Entry Doors?

Both options have their positives and negatives. We can lay out the pros and cons of each entry door and show you the various styles so you can choose one that will fit in with the exterior of your house.


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