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Incredible Asphalt Roofing Services For
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Beautiful Roofing That Lasts For Years
To Come In Fairfax County

Looking for an exceptional roofing contractor in Great Falls, VA, that treats your home like their own and your family with nothing but respect?

Look no further than Milcon Design & Build for your roofing services.

With installers that are obsessed with the details and roofing products that are both durable and beautiful, you are sure to walk away from your roofing installation service with a smile on your face and a new roof that will last.

Never worry about pushy salespeople or rude installation teams. When you come to Milcon Design & Build, you will only get the best at the best prices. No haggling. No sales pressure.

The Highest Quality Asphalt Roofing In Fairfax County

We Choose Products That Look Beautiful And Last

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Here at Milcon Design & Build, we know that roofs should be made from materials that look beautiful on installation and for years to come.

That’s why we turn to GAF Lifetime Roofing Systems for a full-service roof replacement service that stands the test of time.

GAF roofing doesn’t just offer you shingles that last. They have an entire system that protects your roof from maintaining moisture or becoming damaged as the years go by.

Milcon Design & Build follows the Golden Pledge Standards. This means that we use the highest-grade materials available in GAF’s catalog and install them with the utmost precision. We follow every manufacturer’s standard to the letter.

This way, we can offer you a lifetime warranty on your roof’s products and installation.

A Durable Waterproof Leak Barrier

GAF offers an incredible fiber-glass reinforced leak barrier that protects your home’s most vulnerable spots from leaks. The use of this special material protects your roof from issues with buckling and warping that are all too common with other leak-barrier products.

Asphalt Shingles That Don’t Lose Their Shine

With other roofing products, you may notice over the years that their color begins to fade and that gorgeous style you chose years before is not holding up.

With GAF roofing shingles, you never have to worry about this issue.

GAF offers shingles in a variety of styles and colors that are more durable than most of the other products offered in the roofing industry.

They can prove it too! GAF puts its shingles through an astonishing 150 tests for strength, longevity, and weather resistance.

As the years go by, your roof will continue to look brand new.

The Roofing Contractors In Great Falls, VA, Who Care

Stress-Free Installation Services With No Hassle

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Nothing But Respect

One of the worst parts of any roof replacement project is when homeowners have to deal with a disrespectful installation team.

Luckily, at Milcon Design & Build, you never have to worry about this.

Our installers are always polite and courteous during every step of your roof replacement project.

While they are at your home, you never have to worry about them taking cigarette breaks or acting disrespectful in any way.

When they leave, they will leave your home looking immaculate and clean. You will never even know they were there!

Specialists Who Are Masters At Their Craft

Milcon Design & Build doesn’t believe in having installers who are constantly preoccupied with multiple projects in a variety of service areas.

Instead, our installers are specialists in one specific craft.

This ensures that your installers are absolute masters at roofing and never split their attention between your service and another one.

They are solely focused on installing your roof with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Better Prices In Great Falls, VA

We offer some of the best prices in the area, and we can prove it.

Instead of spending an obscene amount of money on salespeople or expensive advertisements, we pass those savings on to you.

Our installment teams are focused on doing the job right on the first try, so we keep our “callback” costs incredibly low.

You never have to worry about us haggling the price with you. We’re just plain honest with our pricing. Taking care of our community is what matters the most to us.

Reviews From Our Community Members

What Our Neighbors Have To Say

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This past April, I had my roof repaired due to hail damage. Scheduling and communicating could not have been clearer or easier. Such a simple process and they did a fantastic job getting this done quickly for me.

– Jessica

First-class business with excellent ownership! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable company with fair pricing and excellent workmanship.

– Chris

Very professional. They provided updates with photos as the project progressed.

– Mike

Questions Homeowners Have About Milcon Design & Build

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Q: Where Can I Find Out More About Milcon Design & Build

A: You can learn more about Milcon Design & Build by visiting the Our Story page on our website or by visiting the Why Us page on our website.

Q: How Can I Learn About Your Roofing Services?

A: You can learn more about Milcon Design & Build’s incredible roofing services by visiting our Roof Replacement page on our website. Here, you’ll learn more about GAF roofing and be able to see pictures of our past projects.

Q: What Areas Does Milcon Design & Build Serve?

A: You can find out about our service areas by going to our Service Areas page on our website.


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