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Need to replace the roof on your Northern VA home? You need more than pretty shingles. You need a roofing system—one that will protect your home from the harshest elements for decades and decades.

Without breaking a sweat.

At Milcon Design & Build, we install premium GAF Lifetime Roofing Systems—and we do it to Golden Pledge standards. This means we use the highest-grade materials in GAF’s product catalog… and we install them with painstaking adherence to manufacturer standards. This lets us provide you with a Lifetime Warranty on products and installation.

Best of all? We can install your GAF roof for up to a 30% LOWER price than national companies in Northern VA! Keep scrolling to see how we provide you with the BEST possible quality… and the BEST possible value.

Diagram of the components of GAF’s roofing system

Why Choose GAF’s Lifetime Roofing System?

Because When It Comes To Your Roof,
It’s What’s “Under The Hood” That Matters.

Every roofing manufacturer on the planet makes at least a decent-looking asphalt shingle. But few have engineered a complete roofing system the way GAF has.

GAF’s Lifetime Roofing System contains a network of perfectly calibrated components UNDER the shingles. These components work in total harmony to protect your home against Mother Nature’s worst moods—for decades and decades. (While looking fantastic, naturally.)

Here are the layers of a GAF roof that ensure powerhouse performance from top to bottom…

Installer hammering leak barrier on a roof

Waterproof Leak Barrier

Roofs have plenty of vulnerable spots for leaks. Valleys. Eaves. Skylights. Chimneys. And so on.

To protect your home from leaks, GAF Lifetime Roofing Systems come with a special fiberglass-reinforced leak barrier. This eliminates the buckling and warping with common leak-barrier products. GAF’s leak barrier even self-seals around your roof’s nails for TRUE watertight performance.

Installer placing synthetic felt on a roof deck

Top-Notch Roof Deck Protection

GAF’s roof deck protection is crafted with heavy-duty, fiberglass-reinforced synthetic materials.

GAF’s synthetic underlayment is much, much more durable than the organic felts many roofer manufacturers make. It won’t become brittle or break down as the years go on. It provides your home with true, unmitigated protection… 24/7/365.

Installer putting starter strip shingles on a roof

Genuine Starter Strip Shingles

Starter shingles are where many roofers cut corners to save on costs. Instead of using real starter shingles, they cut up and install cheap three-tab shingles instead. These “imposter” starter shingles cause your main shingles (the ones you can see) to blow away in high winds. Not good!

At Milcon Design & Build, we only use GAF’s authentic starter strip shingles. They’re made with a proprietary adhesive that grips your main shingles… and locks them firmly in place.

Installer nailing asphalt shingles on a roof

Asphalt Shingles That STAY Beautiful

GAF manufactures multiple lines of architectural asphalt roofing shingles that look positively stunning. You’ll have zero trouble finding the right style and color.

To make certain your shingles remain gorgeous for decades, GAF uses the more durable materials in the industry. They put their shingles through over 150 tests for strength, longevity, and weather resistance. When it comes to GAF shingles, beauty doesn’t fade.

Installer placing ventilation on the ridge of a roof

Proper Attic Ventilation

Attic ventilation is probably the most overlooked part of roof installation. And that’s a BIG problem. An improperly vented attic can lead to rot, mold, and lower energy efficiency in your home.

GAF manufactures the most comprehensive set of attic ventilation products in the industry. At Milcon Design & Build, we perform an attic assessment to determine your home’s specific ventilation needs. Then we install the exact right products to ensure proper airflow in your attic.

Gaf Roofing Ridge Cap Shingles Northern Va Dmv

The Final Touch: Hip & Ridge Cap Shingles

Last but not least are the hip and ridge cap shingles. These provide protection for your roof’s hips and ridges—while adding beautiful depth and dimension.

GAF offers multiple lines of hip and ridge cap shingles. And its thinnest line is still 195% thicker than the three-tab shingles most roofers use for hips and ridges. They are the perfect complement to architectural shingles.

We Won’t Just Tell You We Have Better Prices.
We’ll PROVE It.

5 Reasons We’re Up To 20-30% Less* Than The “Big Boys”…
For The Exact Same (Usually BETTER) Quality.

#1: Lower Overhead: We don’t have a bloated advertising budget or an army of salespeople. We run a tight ship with no waste and no frills. We DON’T need to inflate our prices to pay our bills.

#2: Accountable Installers: Our installers are obsessed with details and doing the job right the FIRST time. We almost NEVER have to go back and fix installation problems, keeping our “callback costs” at the bare minimum.

#3: Minimal Markup: Roofing products typically move through multiple middlemen in a supply chain before you receive them. And every stop piles on more markup YOU have to pay for. We’ve drastically reduced markup by cutting out as many of these middlemen as humanly possible.

#4: We Don’t Underprice: We’re a superior value to large-scale national companies… but we never try to win jobs by offering low-quality materials at the lowest price. In other words, we’re not necessarily the cheapest. We simply offer the best products and best workmanship… at the best VALUE.

#5: We’re Just Plain Honest: Above all, we simply believe in providing top-notch roof replacement for a fair price. We sleep well at night knowing YOU sleep well at night because of your Milcon experience.

Apples-To-Apples, We Win The Roofing Price Wars.
(Which Means YOU Win, Too.)

*When compared to national, large-scale roofing corporations. Your costs may vary. Contact us for details.

4 Telltale Signs You Need Your Roof Replaced

#1: Missing, Curled, Or Buckled Shingles

Damaged or missing shingles can—and eventually WILL—lead to water penetration on your roof. The water then seeps into your attic, causing moisture damage, water stains, and ceiling leaks.

Curling asphalt shingles on a home

#2: Shingles With Moss, Algae, Or Tar Streaks

Moss, mold, and algae love snacking on shingles. This can drastically decrease the life of the shingles. It eats away at the protective granules and could cause shingle failure.

Roof shingles with moss growing on them

#3: Shingle Granule Buildup In Your Gutters

If you’ve got shingle grit in your gutters or downspout splash pans? It likely means your roof is worn out and past its expiration date.

Shingle grit built up in gutters of a home

#4: Water Stains, Mold, Or Rot In Your Attic

Rotting and moldy wood in your attic is a surefire sign that it’s time to replace your roof. You either have a major roof leak, poor attic ventilation… or both.

Moldy, rotted wood on the ceiling of an attic

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