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Wrap Your Northern VA Home In
Stunning CertainTeed Vinyl Siding

Head-Turning Curb Appeal. Minimum Maintenance.
Lifetime-Guaranteed Products AND Installation.

Let’s face it: If you need new siding on your Northern VA home, you have an overwhelming amount of brand and material choices. While you can find quality options, you’ll have to sift through A LOT of subpar ones to find one.

Or you can make things easy on yourself and call Milcon Design & Build.

When it comes to siding, we’ve done your homework for you. We’ve researched every major siding brand on the market, and we’ve come to one conclusion: CertainTeed vinyl siding is the best siding for homeowners in the Northern VA and DMV area.

Keep scrolling to find out why.

Two-story home with red siding, white windows, and a gray roof

4 Reasons Northern VA Homeowners
Choose CertainTeed Vinyl Siding

#1: Maintenance-Free

Put away the paintbrush, and don’t worry about staining or sealing to avoid rot. Unlike wood and composite siding, CertainTeed vinyl siding lets you enjoy a virtually maintenance-free lifestyle. You’ll only have to occasionally hose it down to keep it looking new. That’s. It.

#2: A Lifetime Of Guaranteed Performance

CertainTeed siding is built for the brutal Northern VA elements. It carries up to a 210mph wind-load rating. It’s true .046” thickness ensures outstanding strength and durability. And 3/4th” deep-panel protection delivers excellent rigidity and straighter on-the-wall-performance.

Best of all? CertainTeed siding is backed by a genuine LIFETIME warranty with non-prorated coverage. Welcome to true peace of mind.

#3: Color & Finish Options Galore

CertainTeed vinyl siding comes in over 40 rich, fade-resistant colors. You’ll have ZERO trouble finding the perfect hue for your home. You can even choose an ultra-realistic woodgrain finish to give your vinyl siding the beautiful look of wood (with none of the maintenance).

CertainTeed also offers all kinds of siding styles. Classic clapboard. Beaded. Shiplap. Board and batten. Even wood shake and stone façades!

#4: Insulated Siding Options Available

Want to experience true peace and quiet… and lower energy bills? CertainTeed also offers an insulated vinyl siding option.

CertainTeed’s siding insulation is made with high-purity graphite particles. This delivers performance that’s scientifically proven to be 20% more energy efficient than standard siding insulation. This increases your home’s R-value… which decreases your energy bills. It also blocks more outdoor noise pollution from entering your home!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Siding

How Does Vinyl Siding Compare To Wood & Composite Siding?

A: Out of all siding materials, vinyl requires the least amount of maintenance. You don’t have to paint it. You don’t have to sand it. You don’t have to worry about rot. Vinyl is truly the “set it forget it” siding material for Northern VA homes.

Plus, CertainTeed vinyl siding provides you with the most bang for your buck. It lasts a long time, resists fading like a champ… and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg like wood and composite siding. You get TRUE value for your hard-earned dollars.

Why Choose Milcon Design & Build To Install My Siding?

A: Here are a few reasons homeowners like you choose us for their siding installation…

  • Hassle-Free Quotes: No sales pressure. No agonizing 3-hour meetings. We provide you with advice and a price in as little as 30 minutes. Then we step back and let YOU decide how to proceed.
  • Refreshingly Honest Prices: We don’t inflate our prices. And we also don’t lowball the bid just to win the job. Our prices align with what it takes to do your job 100% RIGHT. No more. No less.
  • Premium Products: We don’t just install premium CertainTeed siding. Everything you can’t see—from the underlayment to the nails—is ALL top quality. We refuse to use inferior materials. Period.
  • Meticulous Installers: Our siding installers are true specialists. Siding is all they do, and they dedicate their professional lives to perfecting their craft. When they install your siding, they focus on EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL.

Do You Offer Free Siding Quotes?

A: We do! If your Northern VA or DMV home needs new siding, contact us today. Our quotes are as quick as 30 minutes, and they’re performed by company owner Matt Kavanah.

Also reach out if you need roofing or windows and doors!

Book Your Free 30-Minute Quote

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  • Zero sales pitches and pricing games
  • Quotes performed by our company owner
  • We DON’T require significant others to be present