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If you need new windows or doors on your Northern VA home, you have to make two big decisions:

  1. Which brand of windows and doors to choose.
  2. Who’s going to perform the installation.

Easier said than done, right? After all, there are dozens of brands on the market… and over a hundred DMV-based window and door contractors serving Northern VA.

But don’t worry. At Milcon Design & Build, we make your two big decisions easy.

We offer beautiful windows and doors made for our region’s climate. And we install those windows and doors with obsessive, “zero-stones-unturned” attention to detail.

We’ve hand-selected our brands based on curb appeal and how they perform in DMV’s fickle four-seasons weather. Our windows and doors will make your home more comfortable—and your energy bills lower—year-round.

Explore your options below.

Replacement Windows

Windows Made In Virginia… FOR Virginia.

At Milcon Design & Build, we do things differently than most window installers. We don’t sell windows based on which brand has the most name recognition. And we don’t sell windows based on what’s going to pull in the most profit.


We choose to partner with ONE SPECIFIC window manufacturer. Made right here in Virginia. Made FOR Virginia.

The brand is RJT Industries. They’re located in Woodbridge VA, literally an hour and some change from our office.

RJT’s mission? To craft the perfect window for Northern VA and the DMV’s type of climate. That means a window built for our unpredictable four-seasons weather. A window that handles both frigid winters and scorching summers. A window you can count on to keep your home a comfortable temperature 24/7/365.

Here’s how RJT has engineered the perfect window for your Northern VA home…

  • Ultra-Efficient Glass/Super Spacer Technology: High-tech double-pane glass is coated in a special low-e glaze and infused with insulating argon gas.
  • Fusion-Welded Frame: The corners of the frame are fusion-welded… NOT screwed together. This creates ONE cohesive piece to eliminate corner gaps (a.k.a. air-penetration points).
  • 100% Virgin Vinyl: Our windows are crafted from pure first-generation vinyl. This provides you with the strongest, most durable frame possible.
  • Superior Weatherstripping: A heavy-duty weatherstrip design provides maximum resistance to air and water infiltration.
  • Don’t Forget The Foam: An optional insulating foam can be inserted inside your windows’ frames to deliver the highest level of energy efficiency.

We Get Our Windows Factory-Direct
To Eliminate “Middleman Markup”

Unlike many window installation companies, we don’t go through a supplier to get our windows from our manufacturer. We order our windows straight from the manufacturer.

This cuts out the “middleman markup”… and gives you the best possible price on our beautiful, energy-efficient windows!

Exterior of a woodgrain fiberglass entry door on a blue home

Fiberglass Entry Doors

ProVia fiberglass front doors can provide a mirror-image-authentic look of wood—with NONE of the wood-related maintenance.

A polyurethane core offers high-performance energy efficiency. Stout security features and unyielding durability means you get a front door that protects your home for decades. And dozens of color and accessory options let you create a front door that is 100% unique to your home.

3 Fast Facts About ProVia Fiberglass Entry Doors

  1. Woodgrain textures are available in Oak, Fir, Cherry, Mahogany, and Knotty Alder.
  2. ProVia’s Embarq fiberglass doors are 43% thicker than standard entry doors.
  3. The Embarq series also comes with the Quad Glass System, which delivers the highest level of energy efficiency of ANY entry door glass

Exterior of a blue steel entry door on a white home

Steel Entry Doors

ProVia steel front doors are the perfect marriage of strength and beauty. The wide choice of finish styles and colors means your new door will be as beautiful as it is durable. We even offer a model in woodgrain textured steel for a natural look.

Innovative insulation technology provides energy efficiency unheard of in a steel door. You get top-notch energy performance optimized for climates like ours.

3 Fast Facts About ProVia Steel Entry Doors

  1. ProVia’s 20-gauge steel delivers 49% more galvanized steel than the standard metal entry doors.
  2. The core is filled with insulating polyurethane foam to resist cold and heat transfer.
  3. Available in smooth or woodgrain textures for YOUR perfect look.

Interior of two hinged patio doors that are opened up to an outdoor deck

Patio Doors

When it comes to patio doors in Northern VA, we give you OPTIONS. Vinyl sliding patio doors. Steel hinged patio doors. Fiberglass French patio doors. And then some.

No matter what you want, you’re guaranteed rugged durability, excellent efficiency, and virtually zero maintenance.

5 Fast Facts About Our Patio Doors

  1. Our sliding vinyl patio doors are made by RJT, the same Virginia-based manufacturer that makes our windows.
  2. RJT’s vinyl patio doors are engineered with the same energy-efficient frame and glass as their ultra-efficient replacement windows.
  3. Our hinged fiberglass and steel patio doors come from ProVia, and they’re made with the same premium material as ProVia’s entry doors.
  4. ProVia’s fiberglass and steel patio doors can deliver a realistic-looking woodgrain texture.
  5. All of our patio doors are backed by our Lifetime Installation Guarantee.

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