Why Us

Milcon Design & Build

Why Choose MilCon
Design & Build?

We’re Northern VA’s “Bend Over Backward, Whatever It Takes,
Only The Best Will Do”
Exterior Contractor.

At Milcon Design & Build, we have a simple philosophy: Only the absolute best will do. On every single job. For every single customer. Down to every single detail.

That’s not an empty promise. It’s not lip service.

It’s the etched-in-stone company code we follow day in and day out. Zero exceptions.

Here’s what that looks like for YOU…

True Installation Specialists

We pride ourselves on meticulous, by-the-book installation. The details that many contractors deem too small or insignificant? Those are the details we OBSESS over.

To achieve true “No-Stone-Unturned” installation, each Milcon installer specializes in one—and ONLY one—service. Our roof installers only install roofs. Our siding installers only install siding. Our window installers only install windows.

We don’t make them hop around from one type of remodel to the next. We let them dedicate their full time and attention to perfecting THEIR specific trade. This ensures that the crew working on YOUR project will be absolute masters of their craft.

Respect & Courtesy

Let’s face it: Having installers work on your home can be a little uncomfortable and awkward. This is especially true if they’re rude, surly, and less-than-friendly.

That’s why every single one of our installers is personable, polite, and approachable. They don’t play loud music. They don’t curse. They don’t take smoke breaks right outside your bedroom window. They don’t show anything but the utmost respect for your home.

And when they’re done with the installation? They clean up meticulously. They go over the project area with “fine-tooth-comb” attention to detail. Besides your awesome new home upgrade, you’ll never know our installers were there!

Industry-Best Materials—NO EXCEPTIONS

When it comes to which products we choose to offer, our attitude is this: “Install ONLY the best. Blacklist the rest.”

We’ve pinpointed materials and brands that provide Northern VA homeowners like you with maximum performance, energy efficiency, and curb appeal.

GAF roofing. CertainTeed siding. RJT windows. ProVia doors. No matter what kind of exterior renovation you need, we install proven brands that are perfectly optimized for the DMV climate.

Better Prices (Yes, Really!)

You know how every exterior contractor says they have the best price? We say that, too. But we can also prove it.

  • We don’t have a sales staff to pay. All our quotes are performed by company Owner Matt Kavanah. Call him: 703-581-2761.
  • We buy directly from the manufacturer as much as humanly possible. This eliminates the “middlemen” in the supply chain… which eliminates the exorbitant markup.
  • Our installers are factory-trained and 100% accountable. We do the job right the first time, so we don’t have to go back a second time. This keeps our “callback” costs to the bare minimum.
  • We’re just plain honest. The truth is, we don’t WANT to charge you more than what it takes to do your job right. Sure, profits are important to any business. But at the end of the day, PEOPLE are what matter most to us.

For more details, visit our roofing and window pages.

Advice And A Price… That’s It

We don’t do elaborate sales pitches designed to slyly coerce you into spending as much as possible. Our Owner, Matt Kavanah, educates you on your options and provides a recommendation—in as little as 30 minutes.

No sales pitches. No pricing games. No dog-and-pony shows. If you want a quick, simple, stress-free project quote, we’re the company for you.

Book Your Free 30-Minute Quote

(Yep. Just 30 Minutes!)

  • Zero sales pitches and pricing games
  • Quotes performed by our company owner
  • We DON’T require significant others to be present