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Milcon Group LLC: Civil & Defense Contracting

A Trusted Design & Build Contractor With 40 Years Of Experience.

We are a group of professional designers and builders with 40 years of experience in the ever-evolving Design Build (DB) industry. We have twenty years of military DB experience where our team worked with the US Navy, Army, Air Force, and Marines.

We are fully familiar with the design standards of:

  1. NAVAC
  2. USACE
  3. AFCEC
  4. DOS, and DOD in general.

Our team experience includes CONUS and OCONUS. We’ve worked in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and the US.

Our design team includes Licensed Professional Engineers from the US as well as abroad. We cover all design divisions including Geotechnical, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical.

We have twenty years of military DB experience where our team worked with:

  • US Navy
  • US Army
  • US Air Force
  • US Marines

We are fully familiar with the design standards of:

  • DOS
  • DOD (in general)

Milcon’s team of professionals has contingency environment experience from supporting:

  • Operation Desert Storm
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Operation Enduring Freedom

And other operations. Experience, knowledge, and integrity are the pillars of our operation. Understanding and meeting the needs of our clients is the foundation of our mission.

Our team of project managers and constructors understand the challenges of working with the military. Over the years, Milcon Group has taken great pride to ensure efficiency when managing security issues, timely badging process, logistical challenges of personnel and material at entry control points, stringent QC process, value engineering, strict safety rules, tight schedules, early deliverables, approval processes, testing and commissioning, and warranty process. We are committed to meeting client requirements within the constructs of time and budget, all while striving for exceptional CPARS.

Our team can assist you in finding optimized solutions to meet project requirements within time and budget while focusing on safety, quality, and decreasing your environmental footprint. Meeting these expectations comes from our skills and experience. We staff our projects with folks who have proven experience and knowledge to do the job without a learning curve. We grasp the contract requirement from the RFP stage; therefore, we hit the ground running regarding performance with a mobilization-forward approach. We have extensive experience carrying out multimillion-dollar projects in both the military and private sectors.

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Our Team

Our Mission:

To deliver dependable, high-quality products and services by industry-best professionals that consistently meet our clients’ requirements through our dedicated commitment.

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