No Pricing Games

No Sales Pressure. No Pricing Games. Just Bonafide Professionalism.

We’ve Spent Enough Time On “The Dark Side” – And We’re Never Going Back.

You read that right. We’ve spent time on the dark side… of sales. You know, the place where “sleazy sales,” “hard sells,” and “high-pressure” meet. Where “bait-and-switch” is a main tactic in the playbook and “hidden fees” are the norm.

Why would we ever admit to such a thing?

Because it led our founder and owner Matt Kavanah to say, “Enough is enough,” and build a Maryland and Northern Virginia exterior remodeling company from the ground up.

And with a zero-sales pressure philosophy as the bedrock to build on.

A philosophy we’ve taken to the nth degree. Because not only do we now avoid The “dark side of sales” at all costs – we actively combat it.

With genuine integrity, honesty, and utmost transparency.

No-Pressure, All Honesty: Changing The Sales Game

We’ll cut to the chase. During our 100%-free quote, we NEVER:

  • Insist any significant other is present. If you’re both there? Great. If not – it’s no sweat off our back. This problem-solving session is about YOUR needs. Not ours.
  • Engage in high-pressure tactics. Does “if you commit today…” ring a bell? Well, you’ll never hear that from us. We can’t stand sales buzz phrases or anything remotely like it.
  • Use a sales manual. We’re in the business of solving your exterior remodeling needs. Not offering rote memorized lines to respond with robotically.

Bottom line: We’ve flipped the script on the exterior contractor sales game. Because with Milcon Design & Build, we’ll only treat you as a person. NOT a dollar sign.

Accurate Quotes, Even If That Means The Hard Truth

We utilize state-of-the-art satellite imagery to provide accurate, fixed-price quotes done with pure EFFICIENCY.

Our “lightning-efficient” process dramatically streamlines your free quote without sacrificing on extreme accuracy.

More so, we’re not afraid to give you a truthful quote UPFRONT, unlike so many Maryland and Northern Virginia exterior contractors who surprise you with “unexpected” costs after your project is underway (i.e., when you can’t say no!).

We acknowledge price increases before we begin work. Because you deserve to know how every penny you pay us is spent.

Pinky Promises Are For Adults, Too

Yes, we realize that title might be a little corny. But we say it because we mean it.

Treating you how we want to be treated (and then some) is paramount to achieving your successful remodel – treatment like fulfilled promises and honesty at every corner.

When we make a promise to you, it becomes our unshakable obligation. We mean what we say, we follow through on what we say, and if any unpredictable events force a small change, we’ll be decisively transparent about them.

That’s why we guarantee our quotes for an entire year.

More than that – we disclose every part, product, and microscopic detail that will go into your home’s remodel before we pull the first nail.

Oh, and if we mistakenly underestimate your project during your free quote?

We’ll eat the cost of our errors. (You can read more about our accountability here.)

Crystal-Clear Communication

If there’s one area where exterior contractors in Maryland and Northern Virginia really show their true colors… it’s with poor communication. Scratch “poor.” Their “communication” can be downright awful to non-existent.

But in true Milcon Design & Build fashion, we take the polar opposite approach. And while, yes, it’s plastered a million times over our website, and we’ve repeated it over and over – we’re going to say it again.

Our owner, Matt Kavanah, is ready for your calls on his personal cell.

Why does Matt do this?

Because it represents our iron-clad commitment to communicating with you through and through. From our initial meeting to the last nail applied.

Dressing Professionally Doesn’t Always Mean Behaving Professionally

Don’t get us wrong; we won’t come to your home dressed casually. But, that said and in line with our “polar opposite” approach…

Have you ever noticed a similarity among the sales minions from the big national brands? That’s right – their uniforms. Or even worse – suits and ties. Yea.

It’s all a façade.

Imagine having a dapper salesperson (ahem, ‘Commission Crusader’) from USA ROOFING INCORPORATED, styled hair and all, who’s never touched a nail gun…. lecturing YOU on a major exterior remodel.


Think about it; a salesman who wears a suit and tie to sell you a roof replacement is NOT a professional roofer.

That’s why when you deal with Milcon Design & Build, our professionalism and expertise come not in a suit and tie, but through our unwavering professionalism and expertise. 20+ years of exterior remodeling knowledge and experience, at that.

Put simply, our professionalism shows up in every step of the process with because we are industry pros at what we do – backed up with over one hundred years of combined exterior remodeling experience.

Add in our streamlined process to top it all off, and our “lack” of Sunday’s best won’t even be a second thought once you experience our true professionalism for yourself.

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