Our Process

Our Process Meets At The Intersection Of Efficient And Hassle-Free

Our Streamlined Process Is The Result Of Of Over 20 Years’ Worth Of Experience

If you haven’t read it, go check out our Milcon Design & Build origin story. There, you’ll get a very good idea of our experience in the Northern VA exterior contracting world.

Our experience has stood the test of time, bearing the storm of the ups and downs of working for big national brands – especially ones who push high-pressure tactics on homeowners.

In short, we’ve seen it all.

So from the first call to the final clean up… we intimately KNOW what works and what doesn’t. Naturally, we started to take the things that DO work and baked them right into a five-layer lasagna of pure, stress-free, hassle-free exterior remodeling bliss.

Unofficially dubbed “The Milcon 5-Step Master Plan.”

Our 5-step process is our leading guidepost for all services like:

  1. Residential roof replacement
  2. Our RoofAssurance repair program
  3. Commercial roof replacement
  4. Replacement windows
  5. Entry door replacement
  6. Vinyl siding replacement

Step 1: Transparent Communication

We value communication and responsiveness at Milcon Design & Build, ensuring you’re never left in the dark – in other words, we’ll never “leave you on read.”

Your questions, concerns, and even your ideas are always welcome.

The best part of all? You get to talk to the owner himself during your initial call.

Now if that isn’t a concierge-level way to kick off the best exterior remodel you can get for your money, we don’t know what is!

Step 2: Hassle-Free Consultation

After your initial call with owner Matt Kavanah, your comfort becomes our top priority.

(Our core values are always on our mind, after all.)

Our hassle-free, absolutely NO pressure 30-minute consultation with the company owner ensures you can discuss YOUR needs without any pushy sales tactics.

We respect your decisions and aim to provide only the information you need to make an informed choice about your home’s exterior services.

Remember how we just said we’ve seen it all? Well… because we’ve seen it all, we know exactly what NOT to do and what TO do.

Looping it back around to the fact that we strive to make your comfort level our top priority – it would go against everything we stand for to manipulate you in any way.

So along with not using poor sales tactics, we also don’t sit around your home, awkwardly waiting for you to decide. Once we conclude your initial consultation, we’re back out the door to email you the quote later!

Imagine that.

You’re able to decide without someone breathing down your neck.

Step 3: Needs Analysis

Once you decide you want to continue the stress-free awesomeness of our exterior remodeling process and all contractual logistics are formalized – it’s time for us to really get to work for you.

We’ll immediately spring into action and dive deeper into what you want AND need with our expert advice guiding you every step of the way.

We take the time necessary to understand what you envision for your Northern VA home by discussing your long-term goals, aesthetic preferences, and functional requirements.

We ensure that our proposed solutions align with your expectations – and nothing less.

Because the end goal remains the same – to give you the best damn exterior remodel. Period.

Step 4: Precise Measurements and 3D Renderings

Using the insights from our needs analysis, we’ll provide detailed insight into your window, door, siding, or roofing project. To help you better visualize the outcome, we provide a 3D rendering specific to your home and the service you’ll be getting – be it a roof replacement, replacement windows, entry door installation, or vinyl siding.

We’ll also take this opportunity to measure – down to the millimeter – what we will replace.

This gets us well ready for the next phase, which is the actual installation.

Purcellville Va Ratings On Replacement Windows

Before We Get To The Final Step… Have You Noticed Something?

Up until this point, the keen-eyed among you may have noted this. Which is – by this phase in our 5-Step Milcon Master Plan, we haven’t even started the actual installation yet.

Does that mean our process is slower than ‘Craig in a cargo van’, who just rolls up to your property, hammer in hand and ready to go on day one?

Not. At. All.

These first four steps are absolutely essential components to proper due diligence before we begin the serious work.

Look – this is your home we’re talking about. We take it VERY seriously. So… ensuring everything is in order before the first nail is pulled will greatly reduce the chance of any unneeded and downright avoidable issues later.

Depending on your commitment level, we can have your property ready for installation in as little as a few days from your initial call (depending on the scope of your project, of course).

Step 5: The Installation Process

Finally. We’re ready for the best part – the installation.

We’ll use the knowledge, measurements, and your unique needs we learned about from the first four steps to implement our meticulous plan to minimize disruption to your daily life.

We start by double-checking our exact measurements to ensure that perfect fit. Then, we schedule an installation date that suits your timetable.

Our team, identifiable in branded safety yellow shirts, will work efficiently and professionally and keep you updated with regular progress reports. They’ll also protect your property with tarps and other protective measures before the big tools come out.

Once the installation is complete, we’ll enact our ‘not-one-nail-left-behind’ policy where our crew will do a THOROUGH sweep-through of your property – in and out, ensuring EVERYTHING is accounted for and in the same condition it was as when we arrived.

So turn to Milcon Design & Build to experience our easy and stress-free Northern VA exterior remodeling process today!

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