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What condition is your Ashburn, VA, roof in? How old is your current roof? Did you know that most roofs last anywhere from 20 to 40 years, meaning that your roof may require quality replacement from professionals you can trust?

Your roof is an integral part of your home – it protects you and your family while inside your home. If you let minor issues seen on your roof start to take over, you could end up regretting that.

Minor issues may be nothing more than missing shingles. Still, it can lead to leaks inside your home, damaging your home’s interior. Plus, any minor issue will weaken your roof, which can be a disaster when dangerous weather hits the Loudoun County area.

Luckily, Milcon Design & Build is here to handle your roof replacement and ensure your home is in good shape. Trust Milcon for all your roofing needs; you will be in good hands.

Our Asphalt Roofing Services

Here at Milcon Design & Build, we believe that your roof should be something you can count on for many years. That is why we only work with GAF Lifetime Roofing Systems.

GAF Lifetime Roofing Systems are made with only the best materials, and once installed on your roof, they are meant to protect your home. The system includes asphalt shingles, moisture barriers, underlayment, ridge caps, etc.

It is an entire system, not just regular asphalt shingles, that you can buy at any home improvement store. It is strong roofing that will hold up against the weather elements in the area with superior performance.

In addition, we have been trained by GAF to install their systems perfectly, so it is highly functional for our customers. And since we work hand in hand with GAF, our customers often find that we offer the system at a twenty to thirty percent lower price than our competition.

So, why wouldn’t you put the best of the best on your roof when it is protecting so much that you hold dear to you?

Why Do People Decide To Work With Us?

We realize you have choices regarding whom to replace your asphalt roof. However, many people will steer you in our direction if you ask around. Why do our past customers recommend us to those they know?

#1: We have zero tolerance for pushy sales tactics. After being in the industry and working in locations that pushed sales no matter what, it became an apparent issue that we couldn’t stand behind, as it was no longer about what the customer needed; it was all about the money. We want our customers to feel comfortable with what we do and never upsell them.

#2: Our honesty is evident in everything we do. Many customers find it refreshing that we approach their roofing issues honestly.

#3: A positive attitude is what you get every time you work with us. If your roof is already having issues, then having someone to deal with who has a negative attitude is not what you need. You can rest assured that we will be positive and help you figure out what needs to be done.

When you work with us, you can take as much time as you need to decide what you want to do. Talk it over with your significant other, and get back to us at your leisure. That is just a part of our zero-tolerance to pushy sales.

FAQs About Asphalt Roofing

Why Do People Opt For Asphalt Roofing?

Asphalt roofing is not new to the roofing market; however, it is considered the most popular type of roofing material, and for a good reason! Asphalt roofing is regarded as one of the more affordable options out there. Plus, asphalt is durable and long-lasting while offering various styles and colors. In addition, asphalt is highly energy efficient – and who doesn’t want the potential of saving on your energy bill?

Can You Apply A New Asphalt Roof Over Top Of An Existing
Asphalt Roof?

Some roofing contractors install a new roof over an existing roof. However, since we deal with GAF Lifetime Roofing Systems, we remove the old roof first. There is always the worry that adding a new roof to the existing roof could result in leaks and bagging, as there would be a ton of extra weight on the roof.

Does Bird Excrement Affect Asphalt Roofing?

Birds flying over can wreak havoc on your roof. But, most people do not realize that a build-up of excrement can affect the asphalt. Not only could it make your roof look rough, but it can even shorten the life of your asphalt roofing! Unfortunately, you cannot keep birds from using your roof as their toilet. However, if you keep branches trimmed away from your roof, you can prevent birds from sitting around on your roof.

Do Asphalt Granules In Gutters Show An Issue?

It is usual for some granules to be seen in your gutters, and it is nothing to worry about. However, if you start noticing you have tons more granules than normal, then it could signal that your asphalt roof is getting weaker.

Free Quotes For Your Ashburn, VA, Asphalt Roof

If you require an asphalt roof for your Ashburn, VA, home, it is time to start. Remember, letting your roof go will only lead to more issues down the road.

Call us today at (703) 581–2761 to set up an appointment for a free quote on your asphalt roof.


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