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Take a look at your current Centreville, VA asphalt roofing, what words could you use to describe it? If you are not using words like “beautiful,” “strong,” “quality,” or “satisfied,” then you may need a roof replacement.

Many times, we ignore our roof until there are issues like leaks inside our home. However, by then, the damage is done, and you are looking at a hefty repair bill. That is why it is recommended homeowners at least take a glance at their roof from time to time.

For those in the Fairfax County area, it is time to call in the professionals whenever you notice something amiss about your roof.

The professionals at Milcon Design & Build are the best asphalt roofers to go with, as we offer a gorgeous product and are ready to help guide you through the entire roof replacement process with a smile on our faces.

Beautiful Asphalt Roofing Services

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Make Your Centreville, VA Home Gorgeous

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Our asphalt roofing will be a fantastic way to make your home gorgeous, as a roof can work wonders in increasing curb appeal. We work exclusively with GAF products as they are made to withstand the weather we see here in Virginia and have an amazing warranty.

When you work with us to install your GAF asphalt roofing, we install it to the Golden Pledge. That means you get a lifetime warranty on the asphalt and our workmanship.

The GAF roofing systems are designed from the bottom up. We aren’t simply coming in and tearing off old shingles and replacing them. Instead, the GAF roofing systems include a leak barrier, deck protection, proper ventilation, asphalt shingles, and much more.

With the entire system in place, your roof will be strong and look fabulous.

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Why Choose Milcon For Asphalt Roofing?

Amazing End Results

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Asphalt roofing is the first line of defense in protecting your home. Thus, wanting the best in your Centreville, VA home makes sense. And when wanting the best, people turn to Milcon Design & Build.

Perfect Installation

We take time and pay attention to the details when installing your new roof. A perfect installation is the key to customer satisfaction – every installer on our team knows that.

Honest Service

Unlike other roofers, we are not trying to make an extra buck off our customers. We are honest with what you need for your roof. In addition, we take the time to truly listen to our customers to ensure we give them everything they want or need.

Lower Prices

Many people turn to us because we make their dollars go further. Thanks to cutting out the middleman, we can often give a high-quality asphalt roof up to 30% cheaper than the competition offers.

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying
About Our Asphalt Roofing

They Are Loving It

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“Milcon replaced the roof of my townhouse. They were a pleasure to work with – they were very knowledgeable and explained the different options and alternatives well. The pricing seemed very competitive, and more importantly, I believe the team has done a quality job. I would highly recommend working with Milcon.”

– Steven H.

“I can confidently recommend Milcon D&B to those searching for a top-tier remodeler. I recently had my roof replaced, and although I learned a lot about the materials, I ultimately chose to go with them. They explained the options clearly and extended my budget substantially further than some other local companies I had met with. Service and installation were absolutely top-notch!”

– Jonathan W.

“Excellent work, professional and punctual. They were very knowledgeable about roofing and explained in detail the work to be done. And competitive prices too. Very happy I went with this company.”

– Beverly H.

FAQs About Our Asphalt Roofing Services

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Q: Why Do You Only Work With Asphalt Roofing?

A: Our motto is only to offer the best materials, and asphalt roofing is by far the best roofing material on the market – especially the GAF roofing systems we offer.

Q: How Long Does Asphalt Roofing Last?

A: The length of time your asphalt roof will last depends on the quality of the asphalt. Some come with a ten-year warranty, while others may offer a fifty-year warranty. Our GAF asphalt roofing comes with a lifetime warranty on materials and installation.

Q: Do You Offer More Than Black Or Gray Asphalt?

A: While black and gray asphalt are the most common colors, we offer other options. You will find that GAF offers several color combinations that can allow you to make your home just what you have always envisioned.

Q: I See Algae Growing On My Roof, Is That Bad?

A:Yes, when you see algae growth, it may signal that you have a leak that has not yet made it into your home’s interior. The best advice would be to call us to set up an inspection to determine the issue.

Q: What Do I Do If A Roof Emergency?

A: When you have a roof emergency, the first thing to do is to get yourself and your family out of harm’s way, which may mean leaving your home. Then, call us to come out and see what needs to be done to get your roof back into fighting shape.


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