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What words would you use to describe the condition of your Herndon, VA, roof? If you think of phrases like “shabby,” “potential recipe for disaster,” or “ticking time bomb,” – you already know it is in your best interest to consider roof replacement.

Your roof should be something you do not worry about – something that is silent in the background and protects your home. However, for those in the Fairfax County area who are worried about the condition of their roof – Milcon is here to guide you through the roof replacement process.

Our Residential Roof Replacement Services

Milcon offers residential roof replacement to ensure your roof is ready to handle whatever Herndon, VA, weather throws at it. Our four seasons in the area mean your roof goes from sweltering hot summer to bitter cold in the winter. A roof graded to handle these temperature changes and adequately installed is what every homeowner needs.

We believe to give our customers the best results, we should only use the best products – which is why we install GAF Lifetime Roofing Systems at the Gold Pledge standards. Better yet, we install this high-quality roof at 30% lower cost than the competition since we cut out the middleman.

Why Do We Use GAF Products?

Many people ask us why we believe in GAF products. Simply put – it is the best on the market, and we have been highly trained to install the product by the manufacturer.

A complete roofing system by GAF is more than just beautiful and high-quality shingles – it is everything else your roof will need to protect your home. Combining all the elements is why we have so much faith in the product and take pride in our work.

What Is The Gold Pledge Standard?

The Gold Pledge standard is all about installing the best of the best in GAF products and adhering to the manufacturer’s explicit instructions on how to install it. This pledge is not something that every roofing contractor can offer.

We pay attention to the small details to ensure your roof will last many years. Along with the beautiful roof you end up with, you also get a lifetime warranty on the roof itself and the installation.

Why Do People Turn To Us?

Our reputation as honest and straightforward sends many people to Milcon for their roof replacement needs. The fantastic work we do is what keeps our customers coming back to us for all their needs and recommending us to their families and friends.

Here at Milcon, we don’t believe you should feel like you are just a dollar sign – because you aren’t. We value your time, and we treat you with integrity.

That is why our sales pitch is nonexistent. We aren’t here to talk you into work you do not need to be done – our ethics and honesty are at the core of every quote we hand out. We arrive at your home to look at your roof and will leave to email you our quote – short and simple.

When you work with Milcon, you will find that we are readily available to answer your questions, stay in touch throughout the entire process, and do whatever we can to ensure you love your new roof!

FAQs About Roof Replacement

What Is The Average Time It Takes To Replace A Roof?

The time it takes to replace a roof depends upon the size of the roof. Larger roofs take longer. However, we always strive to complete your roof within a day or two, as we know you want to return to normal rather than have a roofing crew hanging around throughout the day.

Are There Several Color Options For GAF Roofing?

Yes, you will find numerous color options you can choose from with the GAF roofing systems – not just black or gray. You will find a color that fits in with the color scheme of your home easily.

Do We Offer Roof Repair?

No, we deal with roof replacements only. We will tell you if we evaluate your roof and find that a repair is all you need. We don’t take advantage of our customers and tell them they need more than required.

Do We Clean Up Our Mess After A Roof Replacement?

Yes, we do. Cleaning up is a part of the process, and we make sure that your property looks just as it did when we arrived. You never have to worry about items being thrown around and left – as we treat your property as our own.

Free Estimates For Your Herndon VA Roof Replacement

If your Herndon, VA, roof shows signs of needing replacement, Milcon is here to help you. We will evaluate your roof and be honest with our assessment.

Contact us or call us today at 703-581-2761 for your free quote!


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