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How would you describe the roofing on your Hillsboro, VA home? When you look at the roof, do you find yourself wondering when was the last time it was inspected or replaced?

Despite proper maintenance, roofs can start to deteriorate. After all, nothing is meant to last forever, and that includes your Loudoun County roof.

Milcon Design & Build has been offering roofing services for years and has built a reputation as the roofing contractor to rely on when you want a gorgeous and strong roof.

With our dedication to customer service and providing the best roofing materials, when you feel your roof needs professional help, we are here to make it happen.

Roofing Services For Hillsboro, VA

Asphalt Roofing From GAF

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Asphalt Roofing

Here at Milcon Design & Build, we aim to offer the best product for our customers in the area. When it comes to asphalt roofing, you will find that there is a reason we trust nothing other than GAF for the roofs we replace.

Our trust in the GAF asphalt comes from years of witnessing the performance of these roofs. They are beautiful, durable, and rated to handle the weather we experience.

Cheap alternatives on the market may look good for a few years, but they don’t maintain their beauty like GAF. Nor do they hold up as long as GAF products.

GAF Roofing is an entire system of the best materials on the market. Not only does it include the asphalt shingles, but it also includes:

  • Waterproof leak barrier
  • Underlayment
  • Starter strips
  • Ventilation

The entire system is meant to ensure your home has the best roof from the bottom layer to what is seen when you look at the roof.

We install the GAF roof with the Golden Pledge standards. That means we only use the best that GAF offers, and we install the roof to the manufacturer’s guidelines with accuracy. It also means you get the best warranty on the roof and our work.

Why Our Roofing Services Are Recommended

It Is All About Our Customers

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Installation Specialists

Our roofing contractors are trained specifically to install our GAF systems. That makes them the roofing specialist you can trust with your roof installation. One of the reasons so many people are comfortable with us handling their roof replacement is that our installers are the best out there.

Respectful & Courteous

No one wants to work with a company that treats them like a number rather than a person. Here at Milcon Design & Build, we believe in being respectful and courteous. You are more than just a number to us – we treat you as such.

From the first point of contact, we show respect, and when we complete your roofing project, we will remain respectful towards you and your property.

Best Materials

We only work with GAF for roofing needs in the Hillsboro, VA area. We have put our faith in a product that we expect to last our customers for several years while looking gorgeous when installed.

Installing the best materials is a way to ensure Milcon Design & Build stands out as being the ideal choice for your home.

Better Prices

In most cases, our GAF roofing is around 30% lower than the competition offers. We can offer better prices because we cut out the go-between, which ensures you don’t get any markup.

No Elaborate Sales Pitches

Here at Milcon Design & Build, we believe in being upfront and honest. A big part of why people turn to us is because we don’t do those elaborate sales pitches that may send you ten emails a week, several phone calls a day, or an hour-long lecture on why you must do the work now.

We take around 30 minutes to look at your roofing issue and answer any questions you have. Then we email you the quote so you can look at it when you have time without someone else breathing down your neck. It makes the process that much easier for you!

What Our Satisfied Customers Say
About Milcon Design & Build

We Strive For Customer
Satisfaction Every Time

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“This past April I had my roof repaired due to hail damage. Scheduling and communicating could not have been clearer or easier. Such a simple process, and they did a fantastic job getting this done quickly for me.”

– Jessica T.

“Excellent work, professional, and punctual. The owner was very knowledgeable about roofing and explained in detail the work to be done. And competitive prices, too. Very happy I went with this company.”

– Beverly H.

“Customer focused, the owner walked me through roofing systems and knows his business. He addressed my questions and requests. Fairly priced services.”

– Andres S.

Milcon Design & Build Roofing FAQ

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How Often Does A Roof Need Be Replaced?

A typical asphalt roof lasts ten to 25 years. However, storm damage can decrease the lifespan resulting in a roof needing to be replaced sooner than you had planned.

Why Is Asphalt Roofing So Popular?

Asphalt is one of the more common roofing materials out there because it is affordable and highly energy efficient. Plus, with all the color options, homeowners can make a visual statement.

Can I Stay In My Home When My Roof Is Being Replaced?

Yes, the majority of people are at home when they have their roofs replaced. There may be some noise as the work occurs, but most people have no issues. We recommend postponing any video calls you may have to avoid them interfering with your work.

What Is The Typical Time Frame For Roof Replacement?

We always try to get your roof replaced within a day or two, so your everyday life is not affected. However, the time it takes to replace a roof depends on the weather and the size of your roof. We will give you an estimate of how long it will take with your quote.

What Are Signs I Need My Roof Replaced?

There are several signs that point to you needing a new roof. However, the most common is having missing shingles or shingles that appear to be broken or curled. If you see water stains in your attic or ceiling, it is a huge sign you have a roof issue.


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