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A leaky roof, shingles that blew off your roof, and uneven spots are definite sources of concern for your Purcellville, VA, roof. Do you see these types of signs?

If so, it is time to consider a roof replacement for your home. The roof of your home is more than just the top of your house – it is how you are protected from the outside elements, and an adequate roof will protect the interior of your home from damage.

For those in the Loudoun County area and looking for quality asphalt roofing they can trust, Milcon Design & Build is here to handle it for you.

Our Asphalt Roofing Services

We handle the installation of asphalt roofing on homes in the Purcellville, VA, area. But, it is not your ordinary asphalt that we deal with. We only install GAF products.

In particular, we use GAF Lifetime Roofing Systems that include asphalt shingles, leak protection, decking material, starter shingles, and everything else needed to complete your roof and ensure it looks fantastic.

What is so special about GAF? It is one of the most pristine products on the market. So much so, the manufacturer only works with contractors trained by them to install it, and luckily for the homeowners of Loudoun County – we have been trained.

In addition, we believe that the various tests – 150 tests for strength, longevity, and weather resistance- showcase how strong the roofing product is and how it will hold up well in the Virginia climate.

For those dealing with roofing issues or who know their roof has aged out, now may be the time to consider replacing your asphalt roof. And we would be happy to be the roofing contractor you turn to for your roofing needs.

Why Do People Turn To Us For Their Roofing Needs?

There are several reasons why people decide to work with us and why they recommend us to their friends and family. However, they often state that our honesty and no sales pressure are what made them comfortable with working with us.

But what makes us so devoted to sales pressure free and upfront with our customers? To understand that, you have to consider our past experience in the roofing industry. The Milcon Design & Build owner started in sales within the industry and stayed in sales for years.

The problem was that the high-pressure sales tactics used were hard to stomach. That is where Milcon Design & Build was born. You no longer have to worry about someone trying to upsell you on everything or being dishonest about the work needed.

It is a massive weight off your shoulders, knowing that what we say you need is all that you need rather than worrying about us trying to increase our bottom line. When we approach your roof for an estimate, we take a look and email you our price quote.

Why wait for an email? Do you really want to stand before someone and make a significant decision with them watching you? We know we wouldn’t want to, so we don’t expect you to do it either.

Once you have our offer for the roof replacement, talk it over, and think about it, then get back to us when you are ready to get started.

FAQs About Roofing

What Should You Do If You Have A Roof Emergency?

If you have a roof emergency, the first thing to do is not panic. If the roof has been damaged to the point that it is dangerous to those in the home, be sure to leave. Nothing is worth staying in the home and ultimately becoming injured.

Afterward, call professional roofers to help you figure out what your next steps should be. And you will find that they will tarp the roof until it is evident when you can replace it.

In an emergency, we work with you as well as we can and get to you immediately to help ensure everything is in good working order.

When We Say No Sales Pressure, Do We Mean It?

Yes, we do! We spent years in the industry in which sales pressure was expected. Morally, we cannot stand behind talking someone into something they really don’t need. When we say, you can trust what we tell you – you can trust us!

Is Asphalt Roofing Better Than Other Materials?

You will discover that asphalt roofing is more common than other types of roofing out there. The reason is that it has an incredibly long life and looks good with just about any type of home out there.

Metal roofs often dent when hit with major Virginia weather, and clay tile roofs can easily shatter in our Northern Virginia weather. For where we are located, asphalt roofing is highly recommended and popular.

Do We Only Offer Full Roof Replacements?

Yes, total roof replacements are what we do. This means we remove the old roof and place the new system down. We will not simply install the new system on the old roof.

Those who do this often find that the roof’s weight can negatively affect their home.

Free Quotes For Your Purcellville, VA Roof

If your Purcellville, VA, roof is in bad shape, there is no reason to wait to replace it. Waiting could cause more damage in the long run and be a massive source of frustration in your life.

Milcon Design & Build is here for all your roofing needs with free quotes to determine what you need and what we can do for you. Call us today at 703-581-2761 to set up your appointment.


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