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Is your Sterling, VA, home missing something? Maybe your windows are old and making your entire home look drab – or your roof is leaking and slowly starting to make the paint bubble on the walls.

If this is the case for you, it is time to consider what you can do to make your home look beautiful and be all you ever wanted. Luckily, we are here to make all your design and build dreams happen!

Our Services

At Milcon, we provide valuable services that enhance your home’s beauty while ensuring energy efficiency and strength.

Roof Replacement

Here at Milcon Design & Build, we only work with the best roofing materials. That is why we offer GAF Lifetime Roofing Systems that will enhance the beauty of your home while handling the weather in Loudoun County.

The GAF Lifetime Roofing System encompasses all the necessary materials to ensure a solid roof. And you will find several color choices to enhance your home as you see fit.

The beauty of working with the GAF systems is that the manufacturer has trained us to install these to ensure they work correctly for your home. In addition, since we work directly with the company, we often can offer these systems at a much lower price, sometimes as much as 30% lower than competitors.


The siding on your home is not only a way to protect the interior of your home but also a way to show your personality and taste. All siding is not made to be the same, so we only use CertainTeed vinyl siding that has been tested to withstand the weather we see in our area.

In addition to handling the weather, it is maintenance-free, a plus for many of our customers. With over 40 colors, you can creatively showcase your personality via your home and up your curb appeal.


The gutters of your home are often not given a second thought, but they have the critical role of ensuring water is directed away from your home. When your gutters need replacing, we offer 5- and 6-inch seamless aluminum gutters that will hold up against our weather and look gorgeous on your home.


We also handle the trim work when hanging new windows or doors for your home. These small touches make all the difference in the end in how the window or door looks. Plus, we believe the trim is just as much a part of your home as anything else, and when we finish your project, we want it to be beautifully finished.

Window Replacement

Windows are not meant to last forever; over time, they become less energy-efficient. We work with RJT Industries to provide windows for homes in the area. Why RJT Industries?

They make their windows right here in Virginia, and we love supporting local businesses. The quality of their windows is perfect for our climate, and they have numerous designs to ensure you find something perfect for your home.


Whether you need an entry door or a patio door, we can help hang your new door so it fits snugly and helps your home to be energy efficient. We work with ProVia doors, which are beautiful in design and strong – the perfect combination for any door replacement in your home.

Why Do People Choose To Work With Us?

When it comes to working with anyone in the Sterling, VA, area, we promise a few things to our customers.

#1: For one, we promise honest service that you can rely on. We will not “blow smoke,” so to speak, at you. We will be upfront about what we think you need and all that entails.

#2: Two, we have zero tolerance for pushy sales tactics. You will never feel we pressured you into doing something you are not ready to do with your home. It is unethical how so many businesses try to upsell every customer that comes to them.

#3: Lastly, we promise customer service with a smile. We are never too busy to answer your questions, whatever they may be, and we want to do this with a smile.

Overall, our dedication to our customer service and our ability to ensure no sales tactics and honest opinions is why so many people work with us and recommend us to their friends and family.

We want to make the design and build process so easy that it feels like no stress on your shoulders!

FAQs About Design And Build Services

Do We Clean Up After Ourselves?

Yes, we do. We know there are tons of contractors out there that may leave a mess and let the homeowners deal with it, but that is not our style. We clean up your property and ensure that nothing is left behind. After all, we made the mess, so it is only fair that we clean it up!

When Replacing Your Roof, Do The Gutters Need To Be Replaced
As Well?

It really depends upon the state of your gutters. However, most people find that when replacing their roof, it is the perfect time to upgrade their gutter system as well.

What Are Signs Your Windows Need Replacing?

When your windows start to sweat, become harder to open or close, leak when it rains, or you can feel air coming in around them, it is time to consider window replacement. Any physical damage that you can see is a sure sign it is time to replace.

When Replacing Windows, Is It Best To Do All At Once?

It is always great if you can replace all the windows in your home at the same time. This will ensure you have the best energy efficiency from these windows.

However, that is not always an option for homeowners. We can discuss with you the options you have for replacing windows that are broken or damaged, or upgrading windows on just certain sides of your home.

Are Our Quotes Free?

Yes, they are. You should never have to pay someone to visit your home to look at the issues and quote you a price. When you call to request a quote, we will come to your home and take a look at the problem.

When we are at your home, feel free to ask any questions you may have, and then we will leave and email you the quote later. We email the quote rather than tell you right there because we want you to have ample time and freedom to decide on what you want to do rather than feel pressured to make a decision with us standing right there.

Free Quotes For Your Sterling, VA, Design And Build Needs

If you’re ready to take your Sterling, VA, home to the next level with a new roof, vinyl siding, windows, doors, or other needs, we are here to make it happen.

Call us today at (703) 581–2761 to get started with your free quote.


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