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When was the last time your Sterling, VA, roof was inspected or replaced? Most homeowners don’t take precautionary steps to check for damage – they only take action when it is apparent their roof has damage.

Once you notice leaks, pieces of your roof blowing off and landing in your front yard, and other visual damage, a roof replacement is in your future.

The problem that many homeowners have in the Loudoun County area is that they need to figure out who they should turn to when they require roof replacement. Sadly, when we are faced with a massive storm that results in tons of people needing a roof replacement, many fly-by-night roofers enter the area.

Don’t fall victim to these types of scams. Instead, be sure to choose a roofing contractor that will have your best interests at heart and installs the best roofs out there. For the Sterling, VA, area – Milcon is the roofer you can trust.

Our Residential Roofing Services

We offer residential roofing replacement services for those in the Loudoun County area. What sets us apart from the other roofing contractors is that we only install the best – GAF Lifetime Roofing Systems.

The GAF Lifetime Roofing System is a beautiful asphalt shingle system that includes everything needed to protect your roof, including:

  • A waterproof leak barrier, which is fiberglass reinforced, ensures those spots on your roof that may be vulnerable to leaks, such as chimneys and skylights, are protected.
  • Deck protection is made from fiberglass and synthetic materials to ensure it does not break down over the years.
  • Starter strip shingles, so high winds are not an issue, as these starter shingles lock in place.
  • Ventilation systems ensure that your attic has the proper ventilation, which prolongs the life of your roof.
  • Hip and ridge cap shingles that are thicker than what you find most roofers install – which add beauty and dimension to your roof.

Of course, the GAF system is one of the strongest on the market, and we offer the system anywhere from 20 to 30% lower than the big roofers do since we take out the intermediaries and work directly with the source.

Every GAF roof we install comes with the Golden Pledge standard, which includes the lifetime warranty on the roof itself and the installation, as GAF has trained us on how to install their product in the best possible way.

Why Do People Turn To Us?

While there are several reasons people turn to us in the Sterling, VA, area for their roof services, most people recommend us to their friends and family because they trust us. They trust us to accurately quote their needs while being honest about the price and our recommendations.

We don’t believe in selling tactics – trying to upgrade you when you don’t need it. We believe that every roofing contractor should be honest with their customers – and that is what every person on our staff takes to heart when dealing with the community.

When you opt to let Milcon handle your roof replacement, you will find that we treat you with respect and courtesy while at your home and are here to answer any questions.

Being upfront and honest with who we are and what we offer is the only way we know how to be. It is refreshing to consider the industry and all the scams that tend to be found. So, why do people ultimately choose us for their roofing needs?

It is simple – our morals override money.

FAQs About Roof Services

How Long Does Replacing A Roof Take?

The time it takes to replace the roof will vary from one customer to another. The roof size, chimneys, skylights, and other elements all affect the time to install a new roof. We will always give you an estimate of completion time with the quote. The vast majority of roofs will only take 1 day to complete.

Are You Able To Live At Home When Your Roof Is Being Replaced?

Yes, many people still go about their daily lives at home while we are replacing their roofs. It will essentially be a construction zone so, it is up to you whether or not you would like to be home for the installation.

What Are Some Common Signs Of Roof Damage?

There are several signs of roof damage that every homeowner needs to make sure they are checking for. These signs include:

  • Missing shingles
  • Dark spots in various areas of the roof
  • Leaks that are being seen inside your home
  • Uneven roof

When any of these signs are seen, it is time to let the professionals check out your roof and see what needs to be done.

Are There Things A Homeowner Can Do To Increase The Roof Life?

Maintenance is a big part of ensuring you get the most life out of your room. Roof maintenance may include cleaning the gutters, ensuring tree branches are not leaning on the roof, and the like. The more maintenance you do – the better your roof will be in the future.

Free Quotes For Your Sterling, VA, Roof Replacement

If your Sterling, VA, roof requires replacing or shows signs of something wrong, you must get a professional to look. Luckily, Milcon offers free quotes for your roof replacement that will only take 30 minutes for us to check out what is going on and get back with the roof replacement cost.

Contact us or call us today at 703-581-2761 to get your free quote!


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